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Leisure time activities at Masaryk University


Cultural programmes in Brno:


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Tourist Information Centre

The city of Brno operates a cultural and information centre at Radnická 8, in the building of the Old Town Hall. It has a wide selection of maps, brochures and other information on Brno and the surrounding region. See

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Museums and galleries

The five main institutions here are the Moravian Museum, the Moravian Gallery, the Technical Museum, the Museum of the City of Brno and the House of Art , each of which has facilities at more than one location. Besides their permanent collections, they also mount many temporary exhibitions each year. All museums and galleries are closed on Mondays; some also close other days. A sixth significant museum is the Museum of Roma Culture (Bratislavská 67), the only museum in Europe devoted solely to the Roma (Gypsies).

In addition to the above institutions, of course, there are many galleries, both public and private, with continually changing exhibitions of paintings, sculpture, graphic works, photographs and media art. One of these, the Design Centre of the Czech Republic (Radnická 2), specializes in publicising the latest in all aspects of Czech design.

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The major musical body in Brno is the Brno State Philharmonic, which offers a whole range of different kinds of concerts throughout the year. These are presented in a series of “cycles” devoted to particular kinds of music – symphonies, chamber music, and so on – each of which comprises half a dozen or more concerts in the course of the year. Tickets can be bought for individual concerts, or you can take out a subscription for a whole year’s cycle. Full information on the Philharmonic’s activities can be obtained at its box office in Besední street.

The Philharmonic’s activities account for only a fraction of Brno’s musical life. In addition, the city has many choirs, chamber orchestras and smaller groups (quartets, quintets and so on), old-music ensembles, folk music groups, jazz groups, modern folk groups, bluegrass groups, rock groups – the list is endless – and of course welcomes many groups like these from other places in the Czech Republic and abroad. To keep up with what’s happening, it’s best to buy Kam v Brně and/or Kult (or pick up Do města / Downtown), keep an eye out for posters advertising these events, and ask your Czech friends for tips. Tickets for the majority of these kinds of musical events can be bought at the central advance booking agency at Běhounská 17.

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The theatres in Brno offer a wide range of stage productions – dramas, operas, ballets, operettas, musicals and puppet plays. Here we list only the main theatres and the kinds of productions you can expect to see in them. In addition, there are also a number of smaller theatres in the city, often with interesting repertoires and inventive productions.

The Janácek Theatre (Rooseveltova 1–7) has the largest stage in Brno and is the venue for the opera, operetta and ballet productions of the National Theatre in Brno. Its second stage, the Mahen Theatre (Malinovského nám. 1), an opulent neo-Baroque building dating back to 1882 – worth a visit in itself – is devoted largely to the National Theatre’s drama productions, with a repertoire running from the classics to contemporary premieres, as well as the occasional musical. The advance booking office for both these theatres is at Dvorákova 11.

The Brno Municipal Theatre (Lidická 16), with its splendidly refurbished premises, is usually sold out. The company is famous for its dynamic productions of stage dramas and its ambitious musicals, many of them original works.

Brno is unusual in having two experimental theatre companies, both with an international reputation. The Goose on a String Theatre offers exciting, visually stimulating productions, largely of original orprovocatively adapted plays, in its state-of-the-art complex of buildings at Zelný trh 9. HaDivadlo operates out of a newly renovated venue at Poštovská 8d and is notable for the intellectually demanding content of its (usually original) plays and its highly expressive acting style.

The Bolek Polívka Theatre (Jakubské nám. 5) brings to Brno some of the best Czech theatre productions as well as performances by Bolek Polívka himself, a brilliant mime and one of the country’s most popular theatre figures.

Studio Marta (Bayerova 5) is the theatre of the Janácek Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts: its lively and controversial production are the work of the Academy’s aspiring young actors, directors and stage designers. In spring the Academy organise a week-long festival that brings to Brno exciting productions from drama schools all across Europe.

Everyone whose childhood was spent in Brno is familiar with the Radost Puppet Theatre (Bratislavská 30-32). But this is more than just a company for children: some of its productions are designed for adults.

Finally, don’t miss the productions by students at the Faculty of Arts and Education of plays put on plays in English, German, French, Spanish and even, on occasion, Latin and Greek.

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As films are a popular form of entertainment with the Czech public, there are plenty of cinemas in Brno, and the city now has two multiplex cinemas, one in the centre of the city at the recently opened Velký Špalíček shopping centre (Mečová street) the other at the Olympia hyper-store on the city’s outskirts (reachable by free shuttle-bus from the stop alongside the Tesco department store behind the main railway station). At these and other cinemas in Brno you can see the latest American and European films – though you should check first to find out whether they have been dubbed or subtitled. For those with a deeper interest in film, there are three other possibilities. The Kino Art cinema (Cihlárská 19) offers a good selection of less commercial (what the Czechs refer to as “more demanding”) films and film classics, films not targeted at the general public, films from unusual countries and so on. The programme varies from month to month: sometimes an individual director is highlighted, at other times films from a particular country or region or representing a particular genre. Each year it hosts the country’s main festival of gay and lesbian films. As with films generally, you should check to see whether the films you wish to see are dubbed or have subtitles.

Every Spring Brno hosts the Febiofest, a major film festival that screens old and new films and includes many special categories of films - retrospectives of particular directors, films from regions such as Latin America or the Far East, films from individual countries. In spring there is also a second big film event, the two-week Festival of European Films, bringing about thirty recent films from all over Europe. At both the Febiofest and the Festival of European Films many of the films come from countries with lesser-known film industries; this may give you a chance to see films you would be unlikely to come across in your home country.

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This is a jungle, since Brno has so many clubs, designed to cater to such a wide range of tastes. What’s more, they tend to appear and disappear with more frequency than theatres, cinemas and even restaurants. Unfortunately there is no convenient way to find out about everything that is going on at the city’s clubs. Kam v Brně and Kult are helpful; because of its bi-monthly format, Do města /Downtown tends to have more recent information. And it’s worth remembering that many clubs advertise their programs through posters. In all probability, though, most of the time you’ll probably learn about what’s coming to the clubs by word-of-mouth.

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Masaryk University offers a wide range of sport activities during semester. However there are also several sport facilities in Brno for public:

BOBY Centrum, Sportovní 559/2a
Fitness Centre comprises facilities to do aerobic centre, squash, bowling, billiards, roller blades riding rink.

Spinning and fitness, Kounicova 18
Offers fitness centre and spinning centre.

Kometa swimming pool and VALC active fitness, Sportovní 4
The place offers facilities of a fitness center, aerobics centre and swimming pool (50 metres length).
Detailed information also at the reception desk of the swimming pool or fitness centre.

Sportparkbalkán – sport centre

Kraví Hora swimming pool, Kraví Hora
Indoor and outdoor swimming pool in quiet surroundings with a whirlpool and steam sauna.

Swimming pool Kohoutovice

Big One Fitness, Mendlovo nám.
Fitness, wellness, relaxing, dance classes, combative sports, solarium.

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